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November 9, 2021

5 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Cat

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Do you know out of the 6.5 million companion animals entering U.S shelters, 3.3 million are cats? However, during the adoption process, potential adopters prefer young cats. This is due to the misconception that old cats are less healthy and hard to train. But this is not true. Senior cats are loving, loyal, and easy to train, just like the young ones.

Senior cats don't always end up in the shelters because of being aggressive. At times it's because something beyond their control happened. Just like young cats, senior cats too want to find a quiet and warm place to call home.

If you adopt a senior cat, you don't only save them. You also get a great companion who is willing to follow and obey you. Apart from getting a companion, do you know other benefits of adopting a senior cat?

Continue reading this article and discover the 5 reasons why you should adopt a senior cat.

1. Senior Cats Require Less Supervision

Kittens might look adorable and playful; however, they must be closely supervised. They get into a lot of trouble and are more delicate. They don't understand when danger is roaming.

Their playful nature can lead to breaking delicate home items. To keep them safe, you need to provide them with toys of all kinds.

However, you can avoid all this stress by adopting a senior cat because:

  • They are more emotionally mature
  • Even with roaming danger, they know how to look out for themselves
  • They are also independent and keep themselves occupied when no one is at home
  • Their playing is also a bit calmer; hence their chance of destroying something is very minimal

Senior cats usually pass through a lot before ending up in the shelter. When shown love, they are likely to repay. Therefore, you will always find them by the door, ready to welcome you after work.

2. The Quirks of a Senior Cat Are Easy to Know

A cat's personality cannot be predicted when young. Chances are, kittens will appear adorable and playful while young, only for their behaviors to change when they become adults.

With the kittens, it is always a guessing game. If you adopt kittens, you have to observe them through their development stages. Chances are, if you don't know how to train them, they will turn out to be aggressive and destructive.

Adopting a senior cat is like meeting a new friend whose behavior you don't know. This is because the shelter has adequate information about the behavior of the senior cat you want to adopt.

The shelter will notify you of the cat's fears and what they love during the adoption process. Thus, by the time you take the senior cat home, you are sure of what you are getting yourself into.
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However, before leaving the shelter, ask your veterinarian's opinion on the senior cat's health condition.

3. Low Cost of Maintenance

Kittens are usually very playful and more energetic. You must provide them with a wide range of toys to play with. Chances are, as they grow old, the old toys become less attractive, forcing you to keep on buying new ones.

You can avoid such costs by adopting senior cats since:

  • Senior cats are less playful and more independent
  • They might not require a lot of expensive toys to keep them distracted
  • When you adopt kittens, you are responsible for their vaccination costs. Senior cats tend to be spayed and vaccinated while in the shelter
  • Some shelters also don't charge any adoption fees

4. Easy to Get Along With

Kittens are always playful and adorable. However, they are very delicate. If you have children, chances are they will prefer to play a lot with the kitten.

Both the children and the kittens might not understand the limits and might easily harm each other.

But the senior cats are more energetic and can withstand the rough games the children throw at them. Furthermore, they are emotionally intelligent and understand the right time to walk away when the games get too rough.

Besides, you can inquire about the senior cat's behavior towards children, dogs, or even cats from the shelter during the adoption process.
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Believe me, the last thing you wish is to bring home a cat that does not get along with your dog or other cats.

During the adoption process, also inquire about the senior cat age. You probably don't want to adopt a senior cat that won't be around for long.

5. Senior Cats Also Need a Place to Call Home

Most senior cats end up in the shelter because of circumstances beyond their control. Imagine a cat being taken to the shelter because of a family that is relocating or downsizing. It's unfair for such a cat to spend the rest of its life in a shelter.

With the huge number of cats in the shelter, it's quite hard for each cat to be accorded maximum attention. So, by adopting a senior cat you are:

  • Giving them a place to call home
  • At home, you can give them the attention they need
  • Closely monitor their health condition and feeding habits

People tend to think that keeping senior cats healthy and energetic is challenging. However, this is not true. By feeding a premium quality food you can come up with healthy meals for your cat.

You Now Know the Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Senior Cat

Cats are loveable companions that are supposed to bring joy and happiness to a family. Just as with the young cats, senior cats are adorable and loving to adopt. People have a misconception that senior cats for adoption are hard to train and get along with.

However, that's not true. Read the above tips and discover why adopting a senior cat might be the best option for you.

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