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December 2, 2021

9 Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Senior Dog

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Over 4,000,000 animals each year enter a shelter and hope to get adopted. Of those millions - many of which are elderly dogs whether they're perfectly healthy or have some health issues.

Are you thinking about adopting a dog, possibly a older one? Here is a list of why you should adopt a senior dog from a shelter and enrich both of your lives.

1. Adopt a Senior Dog

As we have been told for many years, dogs age faster than we do. Studies have shown that the 7 years to one-year ratio is a more complicated equation than that.

Also, remember that larger breeds age much more rapidly than small breeds. But, no matter what their size, all dogs need companionship, and they are happy to see you walking through the shelter.

2. Rooting for the Underdog

The first dogs to be adopted from the shelter are always cute little puppies. And, unfortunately some senior dogs get overlooked.

They might not be as youthful, energetic, and chipper as the puppies, but older dogs are just as loveable!

Pair age with health problems and that makes it that much harder for senior dogs to get adopted. Not everyone who adopts a dog is ready to handle a dog who is blind, deaf, or has other health concerns.

3. Trading Places

Have you been to an animal shelter lately? They are taken care of by the staff including:

  • Getting fed
  • Watered
  • Given toy
  • Blankets
  • Warm clean beds
  • Bathed
  • Given medical treatment
  • Let out to use the bathroom and exercise

As hard as they might try, shelter staff can not give them the undivided attention that they crave. With so many other animals to tend to and responsibilities to take care of, shelter dogs often feel lonely.

4. Giving Them a New Home

Most dogs that are at the shelter have come from a home with the previous owner, possibly a family with children. And, for whatever reason, they were given up to the shelter for adoption. A pet might be given up because the owner can no longer take care of them, the owner passed away, the family moved and can't take pets, or any other number of reasons.

One thing is for sure that the dog most likely feels as if they were abandoned. A pet's owner is their whole world, so once the owner is gone the pet gets depressed- especially true with a senior dog.

Being given up for adoption might work out in the animal's favor if their previous living situation was an abusive one. Even still, dogs are loyal animals.

5. Skipping the Puppy Stage

Everyone loves puppies, how can you not? Taking care of them is an entirely different story, though.

The chewing, the bathroom accidents in the house, the training. It all can be so exhausting. And, not everyone has the patience or desire to train a puppy. This is why adopting a senior dog is such a blessing.

You get the joy of having a dog, the companionship, and sharing your love- but without the chewing, poop on the floor, etc.

Don't forget that senior dogs have their issues, too. A lot of them sometimes- which is all the more reason to bring them home and give them extra love.

6. Can an Old Dog Learn New Tricks?

For many people, one of the biggest thrills of adopting a dog is teaching them tricks. Beyond sit, lay, and stay, there are many tricks that a dog can learn to do with verbal commands or hand signals.

Don't buy into the phrase that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. The great thing about a senior dog compared to a puppy is that they have more focus, are calmer, and have learned how to listen to their owner.
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Encourage them with affection, praise, treats, or delicious food and they should respond to your positive reactions.

7. Regulating Their Diet

Most shelters work off of donations. This means that they are subject to using whatever food is donated to them.

While it is more important to make sure that the animals in the shelter are getting fed enough. It can also make a difference to keep their dish filled up with the same brand or flavor of food or they might get an upset stomach. It is also important to feed a dog food that is formulated for senior dogs such as the Go! Solutions Carnivore Grain-Free Chicken, Turkey + Duck Senior Recipe.

GO! SOLUTIONS CARNIVORE Grain-Free Chicken, Turkey + Duck Senior Recipe for Dogs

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A Complete And Balanced Recipe For Older Dogs

Our Go! Solutions Carnivore recipe for Senior Dogs is created using premium-quality Chicken, Turkey and Duck, ensuring older dogs get the complete and balanced nutrition they need to support strong, lean muscles and healthy digestion in old age.

When you adopt a senior dog you will be able to choose a quality food that is formulated especially for mature pups.

8. Why We Should Adopt, and Not Shop

Shopping for a puppy is an experience that we romanticize. Deciding on a breed, finding a breeder, waiting for the litter to be born, and choosing your favorite pup is an exciting process.

Breeding a dog too much can create serious health problems for her and in turn produce some sick puppies, too.

Even if you find a responsible breeder, puppies can be very expensive. And, there are tons of dogs in shelters that need good homes.

9. Special Seniors

Adopting a senior dog can be a rewarding experience, especially when you find an organization that works with retired dogs that were used to race, breed, or work on farms. Some dogs enjoy working because it gives them a sense of purpose, while others feel as if it is a form of abuse.

A senior pup that has had a long career will be so grateful to come home with you and just relax on the couch (with lots of snacks).

Finding Your Best Friend

Adopt a senior dog, and you could find your best friend and the love of your life. If you are considering adopting a dog, be sure to check out the older pups, as well as the youthful ones.

And, once you get them home, you will want to feed them well. Check out Go! Solutions line of pet food for the highest quality kibble around.


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