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April 8, 2024

Success with a Sensitive Stomach: Dwayne’s Story

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When Kimberley noticed that Dwayne, her 2-year-old Domestic black cat, started facing regular regurgitation issues, she knew something had to change. With no definitive answers despite numerous vet visits, Kimberley embarked on a journey to find a better diet for Dwayne’s sensitive stomach issues.

My thought was maybe there’s some foods he just doesn’t handle well.
Black cat
KimberleyDwayne's Pet Parent

Her research led her to Go! Solutions cat food. Kimberley was drawn to Go! Solutions for their commitment to using pure, wholesome ingredients that matter and omitting the superfluous ones.

I liked that there was no carrageenan and a lot of just good ingredients ... and not a lot of extra ingredients that other companies have.
Black cat
KimberleyDwayne's Pet Parent

She started Dwayne off with the Sensitivities limited ingredient wet food, gradually changing his diet week by week, eventually supplementing with dry kibble and food toppers.

After two or three weeks of being on Go! Solutions, Dwayne’s regurgitation started to slow right down ... I was extremely pleased. I couldn’t be happier watching him eat this food and doing so well! I was so happy!!
Black cat
KimberleyDwayne's Pet Parent

She feels relieved that she found a product that all her cats love, but most importantly, one that Dwayne thrives on.

The investigations I did on all sorts of food made me open my eyes to good food, and not so good food. All three of my cats eat Go! Solutions now, they all love it.
Black cat
KimberleyDwayne's Pet Parent

Kimberley's proactive approach highlights the importance of selecting the right diet. For cats with sensitive stomachs due to food sensitivities and allergies, finding the right food can make all the difference.

Sensitivities cat food bags

Recommended Solution

Cat food for food sensitivities and allergies

Made for cats with unique dietary needs, our Go! Sensitivities™ limited ingredient cat food recipes feature a single animal protein source and novel proteins to support cats with food sensitivities.

Encountering digestive issues in your cat? Consider exploring Go! Solutions for tailored nutrition. Our customer care team can guide you to the ideal options for your pet's needs.

If you too are paving your path to your pet’s wellness with Go! Solutions, we'd love to hear from you. Send in your testimonials and join our community of thriving, happy pets.


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Black cat


Dwayne's Pet Parent

Submitted by Kimberley.