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February 12, 2024

Success with Food Allergies: How Go! Transformed Hattie's Life

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Black and white dog looking at camera

As pet parents, one of our worst nightmares is seeing our beloved companions suffering from food allergies and sensitivities. Stefanie, a devoted dog mom, shared her journey to find a suitable diet for Hattie, her canine companion, who showed reactions to chicken, beef, potatoes, and corn. 

Discovering Go! Solutions Sensitivities dog food was a turning point for them. 

This food has been life-changing for her. After about a week, she started returning to her old self, playful and energetic.
Black and white dog looking at camera
StefanieHattie's Pet Parent

Several months have passed, and there's no looking back. Hattie hasn't had any more episodes of digestive upset or breakouts of itchy skin. 

A few months in and she has had no digestive upset or itchy skin, either. Go! for the win!
Black and white dog looking at camera
StefanieHattie's Pet Parent

If your furry friend has a tough time with chicken, corn, or beef like Hattie, then consider our Go! Solutions Sensitivities Limited Ingredient Turkey Recipe! 

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Go! Sensitivities Limited Ingredient Turkey Recipe

Crafted to help our canine companions with food allergies and sensitivities lead a healthy, happy life. Chicken-free, potato-free, corn-free, and beef-free recipe for pups with sensitive stomachs. 

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Hattie's Pet Parent

Submitted by Stefanie.