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March 5, 2024

Build Your Dog’s Bowl with Go! Booster Food Toppers

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Dog licking Go! Booster food topper being poured on top of kibble

We all know that our canine companions deserve the best, so why not elevate their mealtime with a customized dog food bowl topped with irresistible fixings?

You might be asking yourself, “What can I add to my dog’s food every day?” In this guide we’ll walk you through the ins and outs of building a gourmet dog food bowl that will leave your four-legged friend wagging their tail with joy.

Why Should You Create a Custom Dog Bowl?

There are so many benefits to customizing your dog’s bowl and allowing you and your pup to break away from the conventional feeding routine.

Creating a custom bowl for your dog allows you to actively participate in their well-being, provide an enhanced dining experience, and help to address your pup’s specific needs or dietary requirements.
Taylah Kocak
Taylah KocakNutrition Assistant

Go! offers solutions in a variety of formats such as dry food, wet food, and new food toppers so that your pups needs can be addressed, and we can take some of the work off your plate.

How to Build a Bowl for Your Dog 

Step 1: Start with a High-Quality Dry Food

Adding kibble to your dog’s custom bowl builds a reliable base for their diet. It helps to facilitate a consistent energy source, and ensures your pet gets all the essential building blocks for vitality. Kibble also provides a quick and accessible option for pet owners. Not to mention a satisfying crunch. With so many Go! dry food options, this base can be rotated as well! Many of our lines are designed with rotational feeding in mind.

GO! SOLUTIONS SKIN + COAT CARE Salmon and CARNIVORE Chicken, Turkey + Duck dry food recipes for dogs

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Go! Solutions Dry Dog Food Recipes

Crunchy kibble options crafted with premium proteins and antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables to support your dog’s health.

Step 2: Add in Wet Food

Spice up your pup’s mealtime with a splash of wet food in their custom bowl! There are many benefits to adding wet food to your pups’ diet. It adds extra flavour and moisture to keep your best friend happy and hydrated. The soft texture can help your senior or pup with dental quirks, and don’t forget the added enrichment of fun textures to make mealtime a much more engaging experience.

GO! SOLUTIONS wet food recipes for dogs

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Go! Solutions Wet Dog Food Recipes

Delight your canine companion with Go! Solutions wet dog food. Made with high-quality animal proteins and antioxidant-rich ingredients for wholesome nutrition.

Step 3: Add a Food Topper

Take your four-legged friend’s custom bowl to the next level with dog food toppings! Not only do they make mealtime a party, but they also can add a nutritional boost. Go! Solutions Booster recipes offer functional ingredients like extra fibre to support digestive health or added glucosamine and chondroitin to help maintain healthy joints. Learn more about the benefits of adding a food topper to your dog’s meal.

Go! Booster dog food toppers

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Go! Solutions Dog Food Toppers

Elevate your dog's meals with Go! Booster dog food toppers. Offered in a variety of mix-and-match flavours to satisfy any pup's cravings.

Feeding Guidelines: How Much of Each Item Should You Feed?

Based on the feeding guidelines of your current food, you can determine how many calories your dog is getting per day that supports their ideal weight.

Look at how much your dog is currently eating that is supporting their healthy weight, and determine the calories based on their bag of food.
Taylah Kocak
Taylah KocakNutrition Assistant

Keep this in mind when adding different components of the bowl and to ensure that you do not oversupply calories.

You can choose the blend of dry and wet food that you want to feed your dog and you can switch it up too! You’ll want to be sure that the combination of these complete and balanced foods makes up 90% of your furry friends' daily intake. Maybe one day it's your pups favorite kibble and a yummy Go! Booster and the next it’s a mix of 45% Go! kibble and 45% Go! wet food and then a Go! Booster for an extra flavourful day.

Dog at counter eating bowl of kibble with Go! Booster food topper

Changing up the components of the bowl, if your four-legged friends’ digestion agrees, helps keep your pup engaged and lets you participate in their favorite time of the day. Learn more about combination feeding.


Creating a custom bowl for your canine companion isn’t just about serving a meal – it’s about turning their dining experience into a tail-wagging adventure. By incorporating a mix of high-quality kibble, flavourful wet food, and functional dog toppers, you get to treat your pup to an irresistible bowl and provide a well-rounded, nutrition packed feast.

Remember to check the feeding guidelines as a happy and appropriately fed pup is a healthy pup! Experiment with different combinations to find your dog’s favorite flavours and enjoy the satisfaction of providing them with a nutritious and enjoyable mealtime experience. Happy dining!


Taylah Kocak

Taylah Kocak

Nutrition Assistant

Taylah studied animal biology at the University of Guelph and has spent significant time in the pet-retail world providing nutritional advice for pet parents. In her free time, she trains and competes with her German Shorthaired Pointer, Rhunia.