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June 6, 2022

From a Lackluster to Luscious Coat: Nellie’s Success Story

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Black dog smiling for camera sitting on floor in front of GO! SKIN + COAT CARE chicken bag

Nellie, a two-year-old husky mix, was bored with her original dog food. When pet parent, Julie, decided to transition him to our Go! Solutions Skin + Coat Care Chicken Recipe with Grains, she was pleasantly surprised to see Nellie’s appetite come back - with the added success of a shiny, new coat!

Like Nellie, we know it’s common for many dogs to suffer from lacklustre coats. That’s why our Skin + Coat Care Care Recipes are functionally-formulated by nutrition experts using fatty acids to support healthy, hydrated skin and a shiny coat to help dogs like Nellie continue to look and feel their best!

Nellie's Story

My two-year-old husky mix, Nellie, is the best dog ever and the pickiest eater ever! In her first year, we bought various dog foods with different flavours and textures. Sometimes, she would eat it at first, but she would eventually get bored after a week and stop eating. Occasionally, she would spit her food right on the floor after tasting it!

What first caught my eye with Go! Solutions were the possibility of rotational feeding and the quality of the ingredients. Of course, I wanted Nellie to eat well, but I also wanted to give her the best premium-quality dog food possible.

We switched to the Go! Solutions Skin + Coat Care Chicken Recipe with Grains, and it was love at first bite! Nellie now eats all her meals with an appetite, and I never have to worry about her not eating enough!

We switch flavours every time we buy a bag so she doesn't get bored of her food, and at the same time, she gets the benefit of every protein. It has been going very well for a year and a half now - and we are so happy to say Nellie got all her appetite back, and she is now at a healthy weight.

She also has the prettiest fur in the neighbourhood! She gets so many compliments about her fluff and how shiny her coat is and barely sheds anymore.

We are thrilled with GO! SOLUTIONS and the premium-quality dog food they make! We feed pretty much every protein in the SKIN + COAT CARE Recipes.
Black dog
Julie BNellie's Pet Parent

We also add the wet food to our interactive toys, and we are more than happy with them.

Discover what makes Go! Solutions recipes unique and very different from ordinary pet foods. Want to read more Success Stories? You'll find them here. And if you're already a fan of Go! Solutions and you'd like to share your Success Story with us, we'd love to hear from you.

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Black dog

Julie B

Nellie's Pet Parent

With the help of Eva Rossi