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May 9, 2022

How to Reuse or Upcycle Dog Food Bags

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If you're a pet parent, then chances are you have a stash of dog food bags piling up in a closet somewhere. Instead of tossing them in the trash, there are countless ways for upcycling dog food bags for functional, everyday use.

At Go! Solutions, we make a committed effort to minimize the waste we generate by reducing consumption, reusing materials, and recycling or composting. We are always seeking new options to make our dog food bags environmentally friendly, while still maintaining product freshness and packaging durability. We source our dry dog food bags primarily from North America instead of overseas, allowing us to lower our carbon footprint!

How to Upcycle Dry Dog Food Bags

If you’re searching for unique ways on how to upcycle your dry dog food bags, look no further! Here are some some of our top ideas on how to upcycle these bags for your garden, as well as indoors and outdoor spaces:

1. Leaf Mulch

Looking to get rid of some extra leaves in the backyard? Large dog food bags make perfect use in the garden. A great seasonal idea is to use them for leaf mulch. Since the bags easily stand up on their own, it makes it convenient to store leaves in them.

2. Garden Waste

Due to the sturdiness and thickness of dry dog food bags, they make great use for garden waste which may be thorny or contain sharp ends. Plastic garden bags usually tear easily when used for this purpose. However, large dog food bags are perfect for this! They make great airtight containers for collecting those noxious weeds that have no place in a compost bin; weeds such as dandelions, Scotch and Russian thistle, field bindweed, and others.

3. Weed Blocking Plastic

Staying in the garden, these dog food bags can easily be sliced open to use as plastic sheeting as weed blocking plastic. Just pull the bulk of the weeds, lay down the bags (with the bottoms cut out and opened) and cover them with mulch!

4. Grow Bags

Another great way to upcycle your dog food bags is to use them as grow bags! To begin, neatly cut open the top of the bag and use the dog food! Then, fill the bags with a good quality compost. Once full, fold and staple the top shut. Then, turn the bag on its side to lay flat (like a pillow!) Simply punch neat holes in the underside with a sharp knife, allowing for drainage. Once done, cut two slits along the top from left to right. Evenly space your plants, leaving about 15 centimeters between each plant. Success! Grow bags work amazing for tomatoes, cucumbers or salad greens.

5. Food Mat

Keep your floors tidy and the mess at bay with a custom food mat! Simply attach a non-slip backing, sew it together with a binding and place your dog’s food and water bowl on top. The material of the bags makes it easy to wipe clean every time!


Before you think about throwing away any extra dog food bags, grab yourself some scissors and tap into your creative side! There are so many ways for upcycling dry dog food bags as the possibilities are endless.


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