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May 9, 2022

Keeping Your Dog Safe During Fireworks Season

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The July Fourth and Canada Day long weekends aren’t too far away. For us, this means gatherings with friends, good food, and fireworks. However, for our pets, it often brings intense anxiety and fear. Many dogs get scared and skittish when they hear loud noises like fireworks, but there are ways to reduce their fear and keep them safe.

Here are our tips for keeping your dog happy and safe during fireworks season.

Be prepared

The four big nights for fireworks in North America are the Fourth of July, Canada Day, Halloween, and New Year’s Eve. On any night that you expect fireworks in your neighborhood, be sure you have a safe indoor place for your dog.

This safe place is likely in a room they feel comfortable in (like your bedroom or where they have their blankets or dog beds). You can also confine them to their crate, but just make sure your dog is crate trained first. Otherwise, it may feel like a punishment, which will add to their anxiety. If possible, play some music or leave the TV on a bit louder than usual to help drown out any noise from outside.

Don’t leave any pets outside during fireworks. Always bring them indoors so the noise doesn’t spook them and they run away or get hurt.

Start desensitizing them to the noise

If possible, work with your dog to desensitize them to loud bangs like fireworks. Get a recording of fireworks (YouTube is a good source for this). Play the fireworks noises for your dog with the volume low. Then, as your dog no longer reacts to the noise, increase the volume.

Have food and water handy

When dogs feel anxious, they’re not likely to eat or drink, adding to their stress. Feed your dog a healthy dinner a bit earlier than usual that night, so they don’t needlessly skip a meal.

Choose a healthy dinner recipe from Go! Solutions based on your dog’s dietary needs. These recipes have plenty of nutritious ingredients, including ancient grains and premium proteins such as chicken, turkey, duck, lamb, salmon and cod, wild boar, venison, and more.

Let them outside earlier in the evening

Just as you’re moving their evening meal earlier, let them outside for a potty break earlier in the evening. This ensures that they have a safe opportunity to do their business before the fireworks start. It also means they are more likely to have an emptier bladder, minimizing accidents if they get scared later.

Fireworks with your dog

Your job is to keep your pet healthy and safe. On nights when there are nearby fireworks, give your pup extra love and attention because they’re likely feeling scared and nervous. The best way to support them is by reading our fireworks tips above and being with them to show them you love them.

Keeping your pup healthy can also help them manage their mental wellness too. A healthy diet featuring their favorite Go! Solutions dog food recipes is a great start.


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