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January 21, 2022

Saying Goodbye to Sensitivities: Laska’s Success Story

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Dog on rock on hike beside GO! SOLUTIONS Tetra Pak recipe

Claudine searched for premium dog food to relieve her dog, Laska, from her digestion issues. All that changed after transitioning to our Sensitivities Limited Ingredient Grain-Free Duck Recipe. Dogs of all sizes, breeds and ages can suffer from allergies and sensitivities. That's why our recipes are formulated by pet nutrition experts to support dogs with sensitive dietary needs with prebiotic fibre to provide digestive support.

Laska's Story:

I started feeding Laska with Go! Solutions dog food for its enormous quality and very reasonable price. Since I was alone paying for her food and my three cats, I couldn't afford very expensive food but still wanted the best for them. I tried a few brands, and Laska had a few feces problems. 

An employee at the pet store where I always bought my food told me about Go! Solutions when I confessed about her troubles. Since then, I have never had another problem with her digestion! Go! Solutions Sensitivities Limited Ingredient Grain-Free Duck Recipe helped so much!

I would recommend anyone to make the switch to Go! Solutions - your pets will say thank you! They have a recipe for every personal situation you may have.

Now, Laska's healthier than ever, and she's always excited about her food!

Discover what makes Go! Solutions recipes unique and very different from ordinary pet foods. Want to read more Success Stories? You'll find them here. And if you're already a fan of Go! Solutions and you'd like to share your Success Story with us, we'd love to hear from you.

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Claudine C

Claudine C

Laska's Pet Parent

With the help of Eva Rossi