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March 1, 2022

Sensitivities No More: Leo and Enzo’s Story

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Ginger cat sitting on pumpkins with sweater on beside GO! SOLUTIONS Tetra Pak

Emilie was searching for the perfect cat food for sensitive stomachs when she came across Go! Solutions Sensitivities Limited Ingredient Grain Free Duck Pâté. Her two cats, Leo and Enzo took to it right away and are now back to living adventurous lives, with the added bonus of healthier skin and coats! Our Go! Solutions Limited Ingredient recipes provide all the complete and balanced goodness your cat needs, using as few ingredients as possible.

Leo and Enzo's Story

From a very young age, Leo and Enzo have been active cats. Their lifestyle required a special diet, and it was very important for us to find a brand that could help them live a healthy life. Luckily for us, Go! Solutions has various Carnivore Recipes that keep them in great shape and give them enough fuel to lead active lives.

Shortly after making the switch to Go! Solutions Sensitivities Limited Ingredient Grain Free Duck Pâté, we noticed Leo and Enzo had more energy on their walks and weren't hungry immediately after a meal. Additionally, Leo is a long-haired domestic cat who requires lots of skincare and grooming. After making the switch, we noticed his coat was shinier and fluffier!

It is also very important for us to support eco-friendly brands. The Tetra Paks are very easy to open and reseal, but they contribute to a healthier environment by reducing the carbon footprint used in manufacturing.

For us, switching to GO! SOLUTIONS was the best decision we've ever made: it is good for our pets and our planet!
Ginger cat in pumpkin patch
Emilie CLeo and Enzo's Pet Parent

Discover what makes Go! Solutions recipes unique and very different from ordinary pet foods. Want to read more Success Stories? You'll find them here. And if you're already a fan of Go! Solutions and you'd like to share your Success Story with us, we'd love to hear from you.

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Ginger cat in pumpkin patch

Emilie C

Leo and Enzo's Pet Parent

With the help of Eva Rossi