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April 1, 2021

Success Story: Starke’s Transformation

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Starke the dog

We love hearing the success stories of our furry friends and their heartfelt transformations. Recently, we received an uplifting story about Starke, a seven-month-old Labrador Retriever mix, and we couldn’t help but share his incredible journey! Suffering from mange and left abandoned on the streets, Starke was in poor condition when he was found. However, we’re so happy to say that with the help of some amazing humans and our Go! Solutions Skin + Coat Care Salmon Recipe, his life has been transformed, and he’s now on his way to finding his forever home. Go! Solutions Skin + Coat Care recipes use premium-quality meat and ingredients rich in omega oils, to help dogs like Starke look and feel their best.

Starke’s Story

Starke was a stray puppy who was found by a caring RCMP officer in Manitoba, Canada. When the officer saw Starke, he knew he had to act fast. He urgently contacted Manitoba Underdogs, a local rescue that was able to take in Starke, care for him and give him the treatment he desperately needed. Here’s what Lindsay, Manitoba Underdogs Media Relation manager, had to share about Starke’s incredible story.

“When Starke was taken in, we saw he suffered from Demodex mange, a painful condition caused by a compromised immune system. In this condition, mites took over Starke’s skin and caused deep sores, skin infections and severe itchiness. A member of the Go! Solutions team heard about Starke’s story from our Manitoba Underdog’s social media and immediately decided to reach out and help support his treatment. To help return Starke to good health, they donated some of their Skin + Coat Care Salmon Recipe. We put Starke on antibiotics right away to help heal the infection and relieve the itchiness along with Skin + Coat Care Recipe to help heal his body from the inside-out.”

Disclaimer: The following photos may be difficult for some individuals to see.

Starke the dog during his skin transformation
Starke suffered from Demodex mange, a painful condition caused by a compromised immune system.

With the help of medication, the care of the incredible volunteers and staff at Manitoba Underdogs, and our Skin + Coat Care Recipe, we have word that Starke is doing fantastic. The nutrients from the recipe have helped boost and maintain his coat and skin health - and he absolutely loves it. I guess you can say that’s two paws up!

With omega oils infused in the Skin + Coat Care Recipe, Starke’s skin became hydrated and developed a new, shiny coat. Look at him now!

Starke the dog's after transformation
A shiny new coat and healthier skin

Additionally, the nutrient-dense kibble also contains antioxidants from fruits and veggies, supporting and strengthening Starke’s immune function.

Starke is now a happy, healthy pup who had a total transformation!
Lindsay GillandersMedia Relations for Manitoba Underdogs Rescue

Lindsay also tells us, “Starke is ready to be adopted, and we can’t wait for him to find his forever family. A balanced and nutritious diet is essential, and it goes a long way when helping dogs with any skin ailment. Going into the winter months, mange is sadly a common occurrence and severe ailment for dogs not receiving proper nutrition while enduring our harsh winter climate. We’re always appreciative of our donors and sponsors that help us serve northern communities that lack access to basic veterinary services.”

We’re so happy to hear about Starke’s amazing transformation and are thankful for people like Lindsay and her staff who take the time and care to rehabilitate pets, help transform lives, and give them a second chance.

If your dog is suffering from any skin sensitivities or allergies, try our Go! Solutions Skin + Coat Care Salmon Recipe. Containing all the premium nutrients they need, it’s the perfect solution to nourish them from the inside-out.

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Starke the dog

Lindsay Gillanders

Media Relations for Manitoba Underdogs Rescue

With help from our Go! Solutions team