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February 2, 2021

Top Tips to Avoid Cat Boredom

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Black and white cat playing with ball of yarn

Cats, by nature, are very independent creatures and make great companions for many reasons. One of the reasons they make a great addition to the family is because they're comfortable being left alone. However, it’s important to remember that cats can still experience boredom. When your furry feline is bored, this can lead to various problems such as inappropriate urination and destructive behaviours such as scratching.

Keep your indoor kitten entertained with these top tips any time of the day:

Create a Comfortable Environment for Your Cat

An important factor in keeping your cat happy is making sure their environment is stimulating, and they have lots of things to do.

Provide window perches and viewing areas

Cats love to keep tabs on the neighbourhood. Set up their scratchpad, bed, or a designated area beside a window where you're comfortable with them spending their time. Outside the window, you can hang bird or squirrel feeders for your cat's entertainment (we promise they'll love it).

Provide a scratching post

Scratching posts will become your new best friend! Scratching posts are a great way to keep your cat entertained as they provide something for your cat to climb, sleep on, and scratch their paws on (trust us - you don't want your couch to become their scratching post!) The scratching post should be tall enough for your kitty to get in a good stretch. Some scratching posts also have different levels of platforms to perch on, which is great.

Grow some cat grass for kitty snacks

Cat grass is a tasty and great way for your cat to nibble while also keeping them occupied. Cat grass isn't like the grass you find on your front lawn - but is made specifically for your kitty from seeds such as wheat, rye and oat. Although cats are known for being carnivorous eaters, cats do love to nibble on the greens too! There are many ways to create cat grass for your furry feline in your own home, from online resources to do it yourself hacks.

Keeping Your Cat Entertained

A stimulating environment for your cat is a great start. But remember, you still need to make sure you spend time each day interacting with your feline family member. There are many feathery, fun toys for cats on the market - we're sure you'll be able to find one or two that your cat loves.

Here are just a few toy ideas to keep your cat entertained:

  • Many cats will have a natural preference for either "mousing" or "birding." Try a few different options like a feather wand or small ball to see if your cat has a preference for batting things in the air or racing along the ground to chase something
  • If you're playing with a ball on the ground, don't roll it directly to kitty - roll it away from them! Have you ever seen a mouse run towards a cat?! This will keep them playing a fun game of fetch and it’s a great way to get some exercise in.
  • Try rolling up some tin foil into a ball - cats love this!
  • Cardboard boxes are another favourite. Most cats will jump into them quite readily and stay inside, relaxing or playing with whatever toy you offer them. Move the box around to different locations every few days to keep things interesting.
  • Cats also have a great sense of smell - so, get creative! Turn the box upside down and cut a hole in it at ground level, just large enough for your cat to get into. Put in a couple of treats, and your kitty will be entertained for hours to come.
  • Offer catnip from time to time and watch the show go on. The cat antics are very entertaining when the catnip comes out. Try putting a bit inside a box or paper bag as well
  • If you're out all day at work, set up a computer screen that your cat can easily see. There are plenty of bird and animal videos online. You'd be surprised how much cats love watching these types of videos for entertainment

Remember, cats still deserve the same amount of attention as dogs, even though they're more independent by nature. Some cats even enjoy walking outside on a harness or leash.

Your kitty doesn’t have to be bored. A little play and training, a little cuddle or quiet moment together a few times a day will help your cat with their mental alertness and overall well being.


Val C.

Val C.

Customer Care Representative

Val has been with the Petcurean team since 2005 and in the dog game since 1978, when she got her first Golden Retriever. She’s been active as a breeder, conformation exhibitor, obedience exhibitor, agility and flyball enthusiast, just to name a few.