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May 5, 2022

What is a Bonded Pair of Cats?

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Two black and brown cats eating GO! SENSITIVITIES pollock wet food outside

Some animals are known to form strong bonds with one another. When cats form this bond, they’re known as bonded cats.

Here’s what you need to know about bonded cats and welcoming the pair to your home.

How do you know your cats are a bonded pair?

You may notice two cats spending a lot of time together. This is usually a good indicator that they’ve formed a bond. You often see this with siblings or cats housed together in a shelter or a furever home.

Other signs two cats have developed this unbreakable bonded include:

  • Grooming each other
  • Sleeping together
  • Playing together
  • Protecting each other from danger (or coming to their aid)

It’s not uncommon for bonded cats to hiss or fight, just like human siblings and friends do. But they will revert back to their bond in no time.

If you were to separate the cats (for example, to take one to the vet or when one passes away), you may notice the cat’s behavior change. When separated, they may appear to be in distress. Their bond is so deep that not being with their buddy can be very traumatic and affect them physically and emotionally.

How do cats bond?

Bonding most often happens between kittens or cats that are raised together. It’s most common within the same litter, but it can also happen between kittens in different litters. Adult cats can also form bonds, although it usually takes longer. It’s more likely to happen in a home or shelter where they spend a lot of time together. But, it is always dependent on the demeanor and personality of the cat because some cats are just more independent and not looking for a companion or “sibling.”

What to know when adopting bonded cats

If you walk into a shelter, you may meet a cat you love, and the staff say it’s part of a bonded pair. This means you’re being asked to adopt both cats. If you weren’t planning to adopt two cats, you might need to look for a different, more independent cat.

If you choose to adopt the pair, you get to save two lives!

It’s important to remember some important information when adopting a bonded pair:

  • It’s not much more work to care for two cats, rather than a single cat
  • They will rely on each other for companionship
  • They may adjust to your new home faster

Bonded cats bring just as much love to you and your family as a single cat does. It just means they also have a little friend or “sibling” who loves them on a different level.

Keeping these cats together is important for their physical and emotional well-being. Bonded cats will also enjoy eating together, so ensure their meals are healthy by feeding them Go! Solutions dry cat food and combining with Go! Solutions wet cat food recipes. These are expertly crafted recipes tailored to your cat’s specific health needs.

Bonded cats bring twice the love into your home. Show your love for them by feeding your cats healthy food from Go! Solutions .


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