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November 9, 2022

What Is an All Life Stages Cat Food?

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Pet parents want to feed their cats high-quality cat food that is complete and balanced. When reading pet food labels, you might come across a recipe that is formulated for all life stages, but what exactly is an all life stages recipe?

Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) Nutrient Profiles

For a pet food to be labeled as “complete and balanced” it must meet nutrient profiles established by The Association of American Feed Control Officials also known as AAFCO.

There are two life stages recognized by AAFCO for cats that are represented in nutrient profiles for:

  • Growth and Reproduction
  • Adult Maintenance

Diets designed for all life stages meet the nutritional requirements for both growth and reproduction as well as adults at maintenance. Therefore, all life stages recipes can be fed through any stages of cat’s life.

A cat's life stages include:

  • Kitten
  • Adult
  • Senior
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The Nutritional Needs of Each Life Stage

Cat’s different life stages require a different balance of nutrients. All life stages diets meet the nutritional needs of a cat at each different phase of life. Feed the right proportion of an all life stages diet based on age, activity level, and weight.

Growing kittens need higher levels of nutrients, like protein and fat than adult and senior pets. An all life stages diet meets these specific nutritional needs.

An all life stages diet is acceptable for healthy senior cats. Just make sure you follow the feeding guidelines on the packaging.
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Senior cats sometimes need lower levels of fat and calories than younger, more active cats due to reduced activity levels and metabolism. The same goes for any less active or overweight cats.

So use the feeding guidelines, and your best judgment, based on the body score chart, to reduce the amount fed each day to find the optimal daily intake for your cat.

Go! Solutions provides complete and balanced nutrition, and most recipes are created for all life stages of healthy cats!

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Natalie Asaro

Natalie Asaro

Nutrition Manager

Natalie received both her BSc in Honours Biological Science and MSc in Companion Animal Nutrition from the University of Guelph.

Theresa Lantz

Theresa Lantz

Companion Animal Nutritionist

Theresa received both her BSc in Companion Animal Health and MSc in Animal Science from the University of Alberta.

Michele Dixon

Michele Dixon

Health and Nutrition Specialist

Michele studied animal nutrition through Colorado State University and the Companion Animal Sciences Institute. Involved in animals and nutrition for over 25 years, Michele had the pleasure of receiving a High in Trial with her first Borzoi Yascha at an early age.