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June 30, 2021

What to Expect When Adopting a Senior Dog

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It's no secret that dogs make ideal companions. After all, they are loyal, protective, and offer unconditional love.

No matter if you live alone or have a large family living at home, adding a dog to the family is a great way to add extra fun and personality to the mix.

The key is to adopt a dog that will be the right fit for your home. This means choosing a breed that will easily blend with your family. It's also important to understand how to provide proper care when adopting a senior dog.

This article takes a look at tips for adopting a senior dog so that it will be as healthy and healthy as possible. Keep reading to get the inside scoop.

Healthy Diet

When it comes to keeping your senior dog healthy and happy, perhaps nothing is more important than feeding her an age-appropriate.

That's because older dogs tend to be at higher risk of losing bone density and developing obesity. The Go! Solutions Carnivore Grain Free Chicken, Turkey, Duck Recipe for Senior Dogs is created using premium-quality Chicken, Turkey and Duck, ensuring older dogs get the complete and balanced nutrition they need to support strong, lean muscles and healthy digestion in old age. The recipes includes glucosamine + chondroitin to support hip and joint health and taurine to aid vision and heart health.

GO! SOLUTIONS CARNIVORE Grain-Free Chicken, Turkey + Duck Senior Recipe for Dogs

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A Complete And Balanced Recipe For Older Dogs

Our Go! Solutions Carnivore recipe for Senior Dogs is created using premium-quality Chicken, Turkey and Duck, ensuring older dogs get the complete and balanced nutrition they need to support strong, lean muscles and healthy digestion in old age.

Consider Adding Supplements

Nutritional supplements can also be extremely important for proper senior dog care.

Introducing supplements such as fish oil, for example, can help with specific health conditions like digestive issues or joint discomfort. The key is to simply add the supplements to their regular meals.

Play Brain Games

It's no secret that humans need to keep their minds active as they age. The same is true for dogs. That's why it's important to engage them with some activities that help keep their minds as sharp and agile as possible.

Fun activities such as hide-and-seek or puzzle toys are great workouts for their brains because they increase cognitive activity. Plus, these are fun activities for both you and your dog, making this a great way for you to spend time together.

Make Sure They Get Plenty of Exercise

Even as dogs get older, they continue to need plenty of physical activity. Obviously, some dogs are capable of more activity than others, but all dogs need to get up and move around as much as possible.

The best strategy is to take your dog for a walk every day, regardless of age. This could be something as simple as a short walk around the neighborhood, down to the local park, or out on your favorite trail.
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Keep in mind that physical activity is great for keeping their muscles strong, their bodies flexible, and provides cardiovascular activity, along with giving them a chance to enjoy some fresh air and spend time socializing with other animals.

Take Your Dog on Little Adventures

In addition to everyday exercise, you should also consider taking your senior dog on fun adventures. After all, most dogs love car rides, visiting new places, going to the lake, or just getting an opportunity to explore new environments such as the wilderness.

Going on adventures together is fun, gives you a chance to explore new places together, and is a great way to get away from the house for a few days. This is excellent for dogs that tend to spend most of their time indoors due to declining health or your work schedule.

Keep Them Groomed

Dogs can spend a lot of time grooming themselves. This is especially true when they have long hair. And yet it can become increasingly difficult for them to groom themselves as they get older because they become less flexible.

The best solution for making the grooming process easier is to schedule more grooming sessions, including plenty of brushing throughout the week. It's also a good idea to include additional baths to get rid of as much unnecessary hair as possible. 

You can either groom them at home or schedule regular appointments with your favorite dog grooming service. Your dog will look and feel great, and this will also give you the chance to inspect for ticks, lumps, and areas where their skin has become irritated.

Keeping your senior dog groomed as often as possible will also help them stay cooler during the summer months.

Don't Forget About Good Dental Care

Speaking of proper grooming, it's crucial to not neglect your senior dog's dental hygiene. That's because older dogs are at an increased risk of cracked teeth, gum disease, and other serious and painful dental conditions that can cause illness and make them uncomfortable.

The most important thing for maintaining good dental health is to brush their teeth several times a week and schedule regular check-ups with your vet.
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Schedule Semi-Annual Vet Visits

When it comes to keeping your senior dog healthy, it's impossible to overstate the importance of regular vet visits. Ideally, you should schedule vet appointments at least twice a year, especially as your dog gets older and develops an increasing number of health issues.

Vaccination and Parasite Protection

It's also important to make sure that your dog receives all the necessary vaccinations to protect her from viruses. In addition, don't forget to apply flea, tick, and parasite treatment as needed. 

Spend Plenty of Quality Time with Your Senior Dog

Your dog needs lots of love. They make great companions, and there's no such thing as giving them too much affection. That's why it's so important to make time each day to play with your senior dog, pet her, snuggle with her, and let her know how much she means to you. This is important for the mental health of both your senior dog and you.

A Pet Lover's Guide to Adopting a Senior Dog

Introducing a new pet to your home can be one of the most fun and exciting events of your life, especially a dog that's older but still has plenty of good years ahead of it. Fortunately, this guide to adopting a senior dog will help make the experience positive for both you and your new dog.


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