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February 2, 2021

Body Score Chart for Dogs

  • Weight Management
  • Signs + Symptoms
What is your dog's score?

Is your dog a healthy weight? Or is your dog substantially heavier than their ideal body weight? Find out what a pet that’s a healthy weight should look and feel like by using our Body Score Chart.

GO! SOLUTIONS dog body score chart

View chart as a PDF

Use the indicators listed to figure out where your dog rates and make plans to work towards maintaining a healthy weight for joint health and mobility and how food can be the solution for weight management.

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Jennifer Adolphe

Dr. Jennifer Adolphe

PhD (Companion Animal Nutrition)

Dr. Jennifer Adolphe has a PhD in companion animal nutrition from the University of Saskatchewan. She previously completed a master’s degree in human nutrition and is the recipient of more than 20 awards and scholarships for her academic work. Wow!