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May 2, 2024

Success for a Picky Pomeranian with Pancreatitis

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Pomeranian dog beside Go! Solutions wet food Tetra Pak

Carly and her Pomeranian, Sophie, found themselves in a familiar dilemma faced by many pet parents – how to care for a picky eater with health issues. This set the stage for an exhausting trial-and-error stint with countless dog food brands before they found Go! Solutions.

Carly got Sophie back in 2015. Cute as she was, Sophie had a knack for being fussy about food.

She was this small little fluffy, half wet fluff ball when we met her. She was plopped into my hands and I was instantly in love with this little potato. But the little potato was quite picky.
Profile of Pomeranian dog
CarlySophie's Pet Parent

Finding a meal she'd relish was a tricky maze involving a matrix of proteins, kibble types, and grains.

We have since been on the hunt for a food she would eat. For years we went through all the kibble brands, proteins, grains, no grains... it did not matter, after about 3 scoops from the bag she was over it and would sometimes go the day without eating.
Profile of Pomeranian dog
CarlySophie's Pet Parent

What complicated matters was Sophie's pancreatitis diagnosis, which essentially meant she needed a diet low in fat.

We were back to square one with finding a food that she would eat, but now we had even more stipulation with keeping the crude fat % to a minimum. We tried a few of the vet prescribed foods but she would just refuse them.
Profile of Pomeranian dog
CarlySophie's Pet Parent

Enter Go! Solutions. Carly had been feeding her cat, Lenny, Go! for a while and decided to try it for Sophie too. She hit the jackpot with Go! Solutions Weight Management + Joint Care Grain Free Chicken Recipe. This recipe’s fat levels fell within the right range for Sophie’s health restrictions.

The Weight Management + Joint Care has been a hit. She's on bag number 3 of the kibble now and cannot get enough.
Profile of Pomeranian dog
CarlySophie's Pet Parent

Switching to Go! Solutions was a gamechanger. Sophie could now enjoy her meals without pancreatitis flare-ups.

We've seen so many good things with Sophie eating Go! The biggest one being it has kept her pancreatitis from having any flare ups.
Profile of Pomeranian dog
CarlySophie's Pet Parent

Plus, Sophie neither gained weight nor lost energy, problems Carly had noticed with other foods.

With previous kibble we always found she would gain weight and be less energetic but with Go! I haven't seen any of those things arise. She's still very playful at 8 years old and doesn't seem to be gaining the "kibble weight" that seems to come around with some foods.
Profile of Pomeranian dog
CarlySophie's Pet Parent

Her skin is healthy, her fur is soft, and meal times went from being a chore to something both pet and owner eagerly anticipated.

Overall her skin and fur feel amazing and her attitude towards meal times is so positive and exciting.
Profile of Pomeranian dog
CarlySophie's Pet Parent

Recommended Solution

Weight Management + Joint Care Grain-Free Chicken Dry Dog Food

Choosing a weight control diet doesn’t have to mean sacrificing flavor. Made with lean protein and functional ingredients like L-carnitine to help burn fat.

Sophie's story shows that finding the right diet is possible, even with health restrictions. If you are looking for the best solution to your pet’s dietary needs, and don’t know where to start, contact our Customer Care team to learn what recipe might be best for your pet.

Do you have a story to share about how Go! Solutions has impacted your pet's life? We would love to hear from you! Submit your testimonial via our form.


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Sophie's Pet Parent

Submitted by Carly.