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Solutions for Your Pet's Unique Dietary Needs

Head into your nearest Carter's Pet Mart to find your perfect recipe, where all 3.5lb bags of GO! SOLUTIONS dog kibble are only $9.99!

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  • Over 20 years of pet nutrition expertise
  • Complete + balanced recipes packed with functional ingredients
  • Recipes tailored to address your pet's specific needs
  • Zero by-product meals or artificial preservatives

We know that finding the right food for your pet's dietary needs can feel like walking blindfolded.

Carter's Pet Mart

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We're in your neighborhood. Discover GO! SOLUTIONS at a Carter's Pet Mart store near you for only $9.99!

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Cat and dog silhouette

Enter your city or address to find a store near you.

Trucker the Golden Retriever laying in his bed



After 6 years with our Golden Retriever rescue, Trucker, he started to show signs of anxiety, lose fur, and have redness around the ears. We hired a dog trainer and a vet to assess him, however, he did not improve and lost half his weight. After numerous vet visits, he was diagnosed with a food allergy and an x-ray showed fluid building around his heart. After being given 48 hours to spend time with him, we were in the pet shop speaking to a customer and they recommended GO! SOLUTIONS Limited Ingredient Grain-Free Duck recipe. Trucker gave it a try, began looking for the food each day and started to heal, and now his allergy is gone. I will be forever thankful to GO! SOLUTIONS for saving my dog!