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March 5, 2024

Go! Booster Dog Food Toppers: What Are They, Benefits, and How to Use

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Dog sitting with Go! Solutions Booster pouches

Do you ever find yourself asking what you can add to your dog’s daily meal for a nutritional boost? If you’re passionate about your furry companions’ well-being, you’ve likely explored various ways to elevate their dining experience.

There’s lots of ways to provide mental stimulation, help those picky eaters enjoy their food, and further enrich your bond with your dog. Passionate pet parent, meet Go! Booster food toppers.

What Is a Food Topper?

Dog food toppers are supplemental additions to your pet’s regular meals, designed to add flavor, texture, and nutritional value.

They can come in various forms, from freeze-dried meats and soft dog food, to broths and veggies and fruits!
Taylah Kocak
Taylah KocakNutrition Assistant

Of course, we love to share snacks with our pups, but be sure to check and make sure it isn’t unhealthy before letting them have a bite.

What Are the Benefits of a Food Topper?

Adds Variety

Dogs, like humans, can appreciate a variety of flavors and textures. Toppers can make their meals more appealing, encouraging even the pickiest eaters to enjoy their food.

Hydration Boost

Wet food toppers, like Go! Solutions Boosters, offer an excellent option to keep your dog well-hydrated, especially if they’re not keen on drinking water. This is particularly beneficial during those hotter months or for dogs who live in warmer climates.

Health Support

Toppers can often pack a nutritional punch. Some can provide some protein packed goodness for those high energy, muscly dogs. Others could provide some extra antioxidants with berries or greens to support a healthy immune system.

Dog holding pouch of Go! Booster food topper

Go! Booster Recipes and Their Benefits

Feeling overwhelmed by the options? Lucky for you, Go! Solutions has just launched extra tasty Go! Booster dog food toppers. Featuring additional nutritional benefits that take the prep work out for you. These toppers can turn an ordinary meal into a culinary delight for your four-legged friend.

We’ve carefully selected some nutritional focus areas which dogs and dog parents are often looking for support:

Digestive Health

For the canines that could use a little extra gut support, featuring ingredients like dried chicory root as a prebiotic and brown rice, pumpkin, and chia seeds for some extra fiber.

Immune Health

A tasty way to offer some immune support, includes functional ingredients like vitamin E, postbiotics, and antioxidant rich fruits to help keep your dog feeling their best.

Joint Care

Is your best friend getting older and needing some extra care? Go! Solutions Joint Care Booster includes lean proteins to support muscle strength and adds glucosamine and chondroitin to maintain those healthy joints.


Does your pooch experience some stress or anxiety at times and need some added comfort? The Tranquility food topper contains functional ingredients like L-tryptophan to support serotonin production and a delicious blend of protein and fruits, veggies, and tasty chamomile flavor. Support your pup in their relaxation era!

Go! Booster dog food toppers

Recommended Solution

Go! Solutions Dog Food Toppers

Add a boost of nutrition and irresistible flavor to your dog’s mealtime with our expertly crafted dog food toppers. Served in a variety of mix-and-match flavors to satisfy any pup's cravings.

How Do I Feed a Food Topper

Food toppers are intended to be a flavor enhancing addition. Be sure to slowly introduce to not upset any tummies. They can be fed however works best for your pooch, whether it be daily or once a week. Once your pet is used to their new meal addition, there’s a ton of fun ways to feed Go! Booster recipes!

Different Ways to Feed Go! Booster Food Toppers

  • On top of kibble
  • Build a bowl with kibble and wet food
  • Serve as a treat
  • Use it as enrichment, spread it on a lick mat, freeze it in a Kong
  • Rotate through recipes for different nutritional benefits


Whether you’re looking to add nutritional value, enhance taste, or simply spoil your furry friend, these toppers are a fantastic addition to any dog’s diet.

Remember the amount of food your dog needs varies based on breed, activity level, and age. Go! Booster food toppers are intended for supplemental feeding. The key is variety and balance, feel free to experiment and find the perfect combination that makes mealtime a tail-wagging experience for your canine companion.


Taylah Kocak

Taylah Kocak

Nutrition Assistant

Taylah studied animal biology at the University of Guelph and has spent significant time in the pet-retail world providing nutritional advice for pet parents. In her free time, she trains and competes with her German Shorthaired Pointer, Rhunia.