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October 1, 2021

Halloween Safety Tips for Your Cat

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You can feel it in the air. It's almost time for ghouls and treats for another fun Halloween season. Your pets feel it too and look to you to keep them healthy and safe. 

Our furry family members have safety needs all year, but Halloween can be especially dangerous for pets. Cats, in particular, have specific safety needs. 

Learn more about the many ways to help your cat with these Halloween safety tips.

Getting Ready: Halloween Safety Tips for Cats

As you start planning your activities for Halloween, keep your favorite feline in mind. Cats tend to like an environment that is calm and predictable.

Yet, most of us can agree that cats are curious about new things that come into the home. Just bring a new cardboard box inside and see who claims it.

Mindful Decorations

If you are decorating the inside of your home for Halloween, don't let curiosity...well, you know. If it's something new, your kitty is going to want to check it out.

Think about decorations that could become dangerous to curious whiskers and twitchy tails.
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Candles are great and come in all of those delicious fall scents, but a nosy feline investigating the flickering lights housed within decorations could get burned. Avoid accidental fires from knocked over candles by opting for flameless tea lights in decorations.

Keeping Calm

A frightened cat will dart to safety and even strike out at other pets. 

Notice how your cat is behaving with Halloween decorations and spooky sounds in the days before the official Halloween celebration. Has your feline found a special hiding area? Whether it's behind the couch or in a closet, follow them and make it a soothing area with their favorite things.

If your cat is becoming aggressive with decorations, start training them to a safe room in the house. The more time your cat has to get used to scary sounds, the less likely he or she will be as bothered on Halloween night.

Halloween Safety Tips for Pets Living with Children

Children adore their pets and love to make them part of the fun. Here are a couple of things to discuss with the kids so that your cat can enjoy the celebration safely.

No Share Rule

You work hard to make sure that your cat has the most nutrition from every bite of kibble. Young children may be unaware of how important a high-quality cat food is for your pet. 

All those treats! Cats can be demanding with children who have sweets. Yet, chocolate and other preservatives in many candies are toxic to cats.

Once your kids are aware of how dangerous it can be for their pets to have sweets, they will be on board for not sharing even when tentative paws reach out for a taste. The kids can also help with guarding the trick or treat basket from a Garfield who likes to eat everything.

Kitty Costumes

It's so cute, right? Your child wants the pets dressed for trick-or-treat night (and maybe you do, too). 

You know the temperament of your cat. If they are not into it, don't force them. Most cats will struggle and risk life-threatening accidents from strangulation. 

Halloween Night Safety Tips for Outdoor Cats

Black cat standing with paw up in front of orange pumpkins at the patch

For those happy pet companions who live outdoors, you know the struggle is real. You probably risk life and limb trying to force them inside during bad weather. Yet, Halloween is a crazy night of scary faces and sounds that your outdoor cats need protection from.

Safe Spaces

If they won't come in the house, create temporary shelters for them to crawl into similar to those areas inside. Put catnip treats in the shelter that encourage your cat to stay put.


A frightened animal will bolt if they feel threatened. In the panic, they can become lost.

Be prepared with glow collars and tags. Keep in mind that collars and tags can be removed if someone else finds your pet too adorable to return.
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Microchipping your cat provides a greater chance that your cat will be returned to you. Once microchipped, your cat's personal id number is recorded in a database. Veterinarians and shelters scan microchips to check for proper ownership.

Monitor the Outside

If you're going to be home and handing out candy, why not hang outside in a fun costume and comfy chair? Your outdoor cat may feel more comfortable and want to stay close.

People have come a long way in understanding the feelings of animals. Yet, there are also risks from pranksters that could be dangerous to your outdoor cat's safety. So, hanging out with them on Halloween night gives just a little more added protection.

Halloween Safety Tips for Party Animals

Just like humans, some cats like to party. Diving into sweets, hanging from decorations, and chasing others are all part of the fun for party animals.

Guard your door when answering trick-or-treaters at the door. Whether it's fear or overstimulation, cats are slick. Off into the night, they will run without a barrier.
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A helpful solution is a baby gate at the door that fits into the door frame. Sure they can climb over it, but it gives you those added seconds to catch them before they do some trick or treating themselves. 

Keep Them Healthy All Year Long

At Go! Solutions, your pet's health is our top priority. We craft recipes that nourish your pet from the inside out. Keep your cat healthy all year long with the best nutrition.

Safety tips for Halloween are all about monitoring what your cat is eating and informing the rest of the family about toxicity from treats. Have a great Halloween this year and keep those felines thriving!

If you enjoyed this article on Halloween safety tips, check our blog often for informative reads to help you make the best health and safety choices for your pet.


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