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June 16, 2022

How to Throw Your Dog a Party

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Did someone say party? Have you ever thought of throwing your dog a party for their birthday or gotcha day? Regardless of what the celebration is, here’s your excuse to give them the ultimate shindig where they can run around with friends and get some special treatment! Don’t worry, we’ve done all the planning for you. Use these tips to throw your dog an epic bash that his canine and human guests won’t soon forget.

Date & Time

While there are a lot of decisions to make when planning a party (especially for a pooch), one of the most important things to decide is the guest list, day and time of your party. Considering the owners will likely need to bring their furry friends along or fly solo, opt for an evening or weekend to ensure the time frame works for everyone.


Depending on how many dogs (and owners) or friends you want to invite, you’ll need to think of the optimal location. If you have a good-sized yard, this is your best and least expensive venue option. If you don’t have a fenced-in yard, your local doggy day care may allow you to rent a room in its facility for a few hours or you can hold the party at your local dog park. Aim for a time your local park is less busy as you may have onlookers or random party crashers.


Deck out your party or keep it casual, your pooches will have a barking good time either way. From the invites to decor and costumes – you can really go all out! Opt to have a theme to make it more enjoyable for both the dog of the hour and their owners. Plus, it makes for a great photo op!

When it comes to staging your party, ensure that your theme is one that can be executed! Get the right types of banners and streamers, table clothes, signs, hats you name it. Just be sure that anything dangling is out of reach of the pups, so they don’t think the decor is a chew toy.


With all the fun party activities you planned, your dog guests are going to be hungry. Be sure to have enough for all the dogs you invite. When looking up recipes for a dog cake or cookies, ensure all ingredients are safe for the dogs. If you know your dog is picky or one that is attending be sure to have your pups favourite food on hand so they don’t leave the party with an upset tummy. Be sure to have an option for dogs with food allergies and sensitivities, like our SENSITIVITIES line. These recipes include premium-quality meat, poultry or fish and provides a single source of animal protein.

Create special treats for the dogs

  • We’re talking DIY pupsicles with frozen wet food or something yummy like a banana and peanut butter mix. You can order dog shaped ice trays to make it super dog themed.
  • Homemade pupcakes or purchase custom dog friendly cakes
  • Create a barkcuitere board with your dog’s favourite dog safe food and kibble. Even make a charcuterie board for the non-furry friends attending.

Also make sure there are enough water bowls for all your furry guests, so they don’t squabble over a single bowl. You can display dog-friendly nibbles in bowls, like chopped carrots, apple slices, and your dog’s favorite treats. Don’t forget all the human guests who will be attending as you’ll probably want to have some human friendly snacks and drinks available, too.

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Fun Activities

You’ve got the guest list, the space, the time and the decorations on lock. So, what will you do at the party? Before you get stressed trying to think of clever and creative ideas, remember that this can be as complicated or as simple as you like.

A simple yet sure fire game is one where you put a couple of kiddie pools in the warmer months, and scatter tennis balls and squeak toys around the yard. Even opt to turn your yard into an agility course and see who comes out on top!

Don’t forget the goody bags! A fun way to end your party and say farewell to your furry guests is by handing out "doggy favors”.
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Grab some dog-themed baggies and stuff them with items such as treats, squeak toys and other fun items. Maybe even throw in something extra for the pet parent as a thank you for joining as well.


Planning a party for your dog can be a lot of fun and you ultimately want the day to go off without a hitch. The best way to ensure this outcome is to plan as meticulously as possible for the big event and follow our tips for a great time!


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