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February 28, 2022

Preparing for a Dog Emergency: Creating an Emergency Kit for Your Dog

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Blue Heeler dog sitting in living room surrounded by supplies and toy in mouth

2021 seemed to be the year for extreme weather and natural disasters around the world, such as flooding and forest fires. It got us thinking about what our pets need in an emergency like this.

Every responsible pet owner should prepare an emergency kit and plan for themselves and their pet. Here’s what your dog’s emergency kit should include.

An evacuation plan

If you ever need to evacuate your home quickly due to an earthquake or another disaster, know the best possible routes out of your community. Also, know what you need to bring for your pet (i.e. their emergency kit with food and essential supplies).

Your evacuation plan should include a checklist of everything you need to grab on your way out the door. Leave your and your pet’s emergency kit near the door or in a vehicle, so it’s easy to grab it on your way out. Ensure that all adults in the home know where the kits are.

If you’re not home, have a trusted neighbor who can save your pets and grab their emergency kit. If this is the case, make arrangements for a safe meeting spot (and a few alternates if the first location is unsafe).

Gather an emergency kit

Prepare an emergency kit for your dog with enough supplies to last at least two weeks.

Your kit will likely include:

  • Additional high-quality dry dog food
  • A water and food bowl
  • Fresh, bottled water
  • A leash and extra collar
  • A blanket and small dog bed
  • A small kennel or carrier
  • Pet first-aid supplies
  • Your pet’s medical information, vet contact details, and any medication they may require
  • A few dog toys

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Check your emergency kit 3-4 times per year and cycle out the food and water rations with fresh ones. If possible, ensure it’s not too heavy for adults in your home to carry. Pack it in 2 smaller bags or bins if necessary. Check out our blog for a list of items to pack in your dog's first aid kit.

Alert first responders

What do you do if disaster strikes and you or a neighbor cannot rescue your pets? Talk to your local pet shelter or SPCA about emergency alert stickers. You stick these to an outside window of your home, ideally near your door. Emergency personnel or animal rescues may go door to door to ensure everyone is safe in an emergency, and these stickers will tell them how many pets live in the home that may need rescuing.

Plan for in-place sheltering

Don’t forget that you can use your pet emergency kit if you must shelter in place. And, if you ever need to take supplies from your kit for any reason, do your best to replace them as soon as possible and ensure your kit is always fully stocked.

There are many reasons we may need to evacuate our home with our pets. We need to ensure that in addition to emergency kits for the humans in our households, we create an emergency kit for our beloved pets.

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