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June 6, 2022

Tombo’s Transformation: Success with Energy Levels

  • Success Story
  • Cat
  • Carnivore
British Shorthair cat sitting on bed behind GO! Tetra Pak pyramid

Clara was on the search for a new diet for her cat, Tombo. After switching to our Go! Solutions Carnivore Grain-Free Chicken, Turkey + Duck Pâté, she was excited to see Tombo put on healthy weight while maintaining great energy levels!

We know that every cat has different carnivorous preferences - making our Go! Solutions Carnivore Recipes the perfect pairing for those meat-loving cats! Formulated by expert nutritionists, each recipe is packed with animal protein while providing complete and balanced nutrition to ensure cats like Tombo lead a healthy, fit and playful life.

Tombo's Story

My sweet kitty, Tombo, came into my life when he was about three months old. He's been with me since January 2021, and I feel so lucky to be his owner. He's a lovable kitty with a happy-go-lucky personality.

I searched for the best cat food that was high in protein and grain-free. Upon researching various brands, I came across Go! Solutions. I found their kibble to have one of the highest protein percentages compared to several major pet brands!

After transitioning Tombo, I tracked his weight month-to-month. I was pleasantly surprised to see he was gaining a healthy weight. Additionally, he has not had any digestive issues and maintains great energy levels!

When it comes to your cat, I always recommend doing your research regarding their nutrition. When you purchase cat food, read the labels carefully, as you would be surprised to see a lot of pet brands don't always use quality ingredients.

It's essential to make healthy life choices for our pets, and when we start these habits early on, we're working towards improving their quality of life in the long run (and avoiding costly vet bills). As pet parents, we should be taking our pet's nutrition as seriously as our own.

I couldn’t be happier to have made the switch to GO! SOLUTIONS, and it’s a plus that they are available at my local pet store!
British Shorthair cat
Clara CTombo's Pet Parent

Discover what makes Go! Solutions recipes unique and very different from ordinary pet foods. Want to read more Success Stories? You'll find them here. And if you're already a fan of Go! Solutions and you'd like to share your Success Story with us, we'd love to hear from you.

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British Shorthair cat

Clara C

Tombo's Pet Parent

With the help of Eva Rossi