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June 3, 2024

Finding the Best Food for French Bulldogs Reese & Quimby

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Two French Bulldogs sitting on patio furniture

When it comes to our beloved pets, only the best will do—especially for French Bulldogs with their charismatic charm and specific dietary needs. Lauren's journey to find the best food for French Bulldogs Reese and Quimby shines a light on the power of nutrition to improve our pets' quality of life.

Lauren's quest for the perfect diet for Reese and Quimby stemmed from pressing health concerns following a formula change with their old dog food.

It’s caused Quimby to have severe itchy paws, face... Quimby is constantly licking his paws which is not only annoying for us to hear at 3 am but he was obviously uncomfortable.
French bulldog smiling
LaurenReese + Quimby's Pet Parent

The need for a change was clear, propelling Lauren on the path toward finding a new dog food.

I did plenty of research about which dog food to change them to and I love that it’s made in Ontario, it’s available at the pet store we always shop.
French bulldog smiling
LaurenReese + Quimby's Pet Parent

Transitioning to Go! Solutions' Digestion + Gut Health recipe marked a turning point for Reese and Quimby.

Not only are the ingredients top notch but it’s also affordable too. I love that all the ingredients are ingredients that are good for my boys and I also know what they are and don’t need to Google to figure out what I’m feeding them.
French bulldog smiling
LaurenReese + Quimby's Pet Parent

Lauren and her husband are blown away by their pups’ healthy coats.

They’ve always had soft, shiny coats because we’ve always fed them a salmon/fish diet, however they are even softer, shinier and silkier. Everyone keeps noticing and they don’t want to stop petting them.
French bulldog smiling
LaurenReese + Quimby's Pet Parent

Beyond cosmetic changes, Lauren has also noticed consistent and healthy digestion for Reese, and generally happier, more energetic demeanors for both.

Reese’s stools are forming up and even their gas has improved. It’s still stinky sometimes but a lot less than what they were experiencing before.
French bulldog smiling
LaurenReese + Quimby's Pet Parent
GO! SOLUTIONS DIGESTION + GUT HEALTH Salmon Recipe with Ancient Grains for Dogs

Recommended Solution

Digestion + Gut Health Salmon Dry Dog Food with Grains

When your dog has tummy troubles, it affects everyone's quality of life, so we created Go! Solutions Digestion + Gut Health dog food recipes to help.

Lauren's gratitude toward Go! Solutions is palpable.

Thank you so much for creating such an incredible brand that makes me happy to support and making my dogs healthier. They are our children as we do not have human children. We want nothing but the best for them and this food is definitely it. They love this food and Reese is refusing to eat the old food, he spits it out and only eats the Go! Solutions brand. They go absolutely nuts at breakfast and dinner time.
French bulldog smiling
LaurenReese + Quimby's Pet Parent

We’re here to support your journey as a pet parent, and your stories inspire us. If you’ve seen a turnaround in your pet’s overall wellness with Go! Solutions, share your experience. Submit your story via our form and join our community of thriving, happy pets.

Or, if you're looking for the best solution to your pet’s unique needs and don’t know where to start, contact our Customer Care team to learn what recipe might be best for your pet.


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Reese + Quimby's Pet Parent

Submitted by Lauren.