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April 1, 2021

Skin + Coat Success: Mia's Story

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  • Skin and Coat
Before and after of Mia the dog's coat transformation

Jason decided to feed our Skin + Coat Care Salmon Recipe with Grains for his sponsored dog Mia, when he rescued her from northern Canada. Success! Dogs of all ages and sizes can suffer from dry and itchy skin or lacklustre coats, and so Skin + Coat Care recipes are functionally-formulated by nutrition experts using premium-quality meat and ingredients rich in omega oils, to help keep dogs looking and feeling their best.

Mia's Story:

Meet Miracle (Mia for short)! Jason, one of Go! Solutions’ Territory Sales Managers, started sponsoring Mia when she was first rescued from northern Canada. When her owner first surrendered her, she was extremely underweight and battling mange. Jason sponsored Mia with his staff feed and with advice from our nutrition team started her on our Go! Solutions Skin + Coat Care Salmon Recipe!

Check out Mia’s before and after photos! After only 2 weeks of feeding Go! Solutions, there is such a difference. Mia’s gaining weight, in less pain and much happier. Way to go, Jason!

Discover what makes Go! Solutions recipes unique and very different from ordinary pet foods. Want to read more Success Stories? You'll find them here. And if you're already a fan of Go! Solutions and you'd like to share your Success Story with us, we'd love to hear from you.


Mia the dog


Go! Solutions Territory Sales Manager

With the help of Harjot Parmar